How can you save money on cloths

Clothing costs can be added up very quickly, in particular with kids who rapidly grow from what they wear (or destroy!). Check some practical tips to help you keep more money in your pocket if you want to save money on your clothing without reducing your budget.

You can buy clothing throughout the year

For the current saison, most people are going to the shop to buy the clothes they need. Rather, buy clothes that may be worn throughout the year. Indeed, in colder seasons I rarely buy long-sleeved t-shirts to wear by my son. I buy a couple of neutral colourful thermal shirts, instead, that you can wear under your short shirts. He can wear his T-shirts all year round or until he expands them.

For example, a short dress, legges and high boots can be used to match a cardigan, so that it can be worn over the fall/winter months. Everything involves laying and adding key pieces of clothing which can expand the wardrobe.

Shop shopping cargo shops

Shipping stores are an excellent way to save clothing money. In addition to finding quality clothing at a great price, you can also carry your own clothing to the shop and sell it. Either a share of the sale of your goods or an up-front credit to be made to future purchases is given in the consignment shop. The shops do not limit themselves to clothing and can be an excellent way of selling baby equipment, books, toys and much more.

Host a swap of clothes

You can update your wardrobe while enjoying this easy way. Gather your friends and ask everyone to contribute a dish (every time food is more fun!). Each participant must bring good clothes to swap with others. I propose to lay down certain rules so that everyone feels they have benefited from the swap. For example, everybody would be required to bring a minimum number of items and exchange them for similar products (i.e., clothes for children or women) only.

Online shopping

When I shop online for clothing, I find I save a lot more money. Maybe it's because in the actual store I'm not tempted to buy something I don't need. In the online voucher codes I take my time to look for deals, compare shop and find. I also want to register for email alerts to learn about sales beforehand. Most retailers also send email subscriber coupons, which they can use in the store as well as online. Sites like Askmeoffers & CouponsABC are a great place to find shopping coupons, I always use them to grab decent deals on fashion shopping.

Purchase off-season clothes

Buy winter clothing in the summer and the other way around. Now I understand that not all stores carry inventory off-season throughout the year, but at least at least at the end of the season. This is a great time to store because most items are greatly reduced. I like shopping during these sales, also for birthdays and baby showers.

Shop during retail sales

I love sales from back to school. We did not have to go out to traditional back-to-school shopping during the period we were at home. But I found it to be a very good time for my family to put on clothes. Many stores will have great sales and essential items such as undergarments at discounted prices.

Sales of shop yard

It's not only warm, it also offers great neighbourhood garden sales, but I love the summer season. Yard sales are an excellent way to buy very little clothing.

If you find your family yard sales with clothing, see if you can receive an additional discount for the purchase of several items. Most people who sell garments in yard retails are driven to sell and are prepared, if it means getting rid of things, to negotiate their prices.

Stores shop thrift

The thrift shops are not shipping companies. So the quality is not always there, they accept donated items. But don't allow that to stop your local shop from checking. Personally at my local thrift store, I found designer clothes and good quality items. The key is to ensure that you have time to search the racks and inspect the robes carefully. You also may have to stop a couple of times in the store to find out what you need, as the stock changes very quickly.

Accept hand-downs Accept

If you have a family member or a friend who wears a few clothes larger than your own with a child, ask if they're going to give you any clothes not to sell them. Most people are prepared to pass clothes to someone they know. I go through clothes every season, to which my children can no longer fit, and find a family in our church to give them. It helps me to disassemble and saves money for another family.

Take the rest

Ask for clothes to be borrowed if you just wear them once. I had to wear a formal clothing under my graduation gown for my college qualification. But I knew that my sister-in-law did, so I did not own many formal dresses. So I wondered if for that night I could borrow the dress, said yes, and even let me borrow shoes! By simply asking, I saved myself a lot of money.

Buy and stick to quality clothing

I still carry clothes older than my son today (by the way he's 10). Why? Because when I shop for clothing, I adhere to the basics. I'm not going to buy the latest trends, because by next season they're going to be outdated. Rather, I'm going to the traditional bottoms or tops that are never gone.